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播放Recycle 2

主讲:孟江涛 学科:英语 教材版本:人教课标版 年级&册别:三年级 上册


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播放Unit1 My name’s Gina SectionA

主讲:金鑫鑫 学科:英语 教材版本:人教课标版 年级&册别:七年级 上册

   1. To have the Ss know the way of greetings and master the numbers 0-15. 2. Sentence structures Hi!/ Hello! —How are you? —Fine, thanks. ---What’s your /his /her name? ....

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播放Unit2 What’s the matter, Mike? Part A(1)

主讲:王盈盈 学科:英语 教材版本:人教课标版 年级&册别:六年级 下册

   1.能够听说读写单词和短语:have a cold, have a toothache, have a fever, hurt, have a headache, have a sore throat. 四会句子:What’s the matter? My throat is sore. My nose hurts. 2.能够听说读句型:What....

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播放Unit2 My Favourite Season Part B(1)

主讲:葛畅 学科:英语 教材版本:人教课标版 年级&册别:五年级 下册

    能听、说、读、写单词“swim, fly kites, skate, make a snowman, plant trees”

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播放 Lesson 1 第二课时

主讲:陈相 学科:英语 教材版本:外研版 年级&册别:六年级 下册

     本单元通过对上一单元的复习和巩固,让学生进一步掌握 I want to do sth 的用法,利用形象的图片学生掌握新词汇以及会运用到新句型 I want to do…

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播放Hello lesson2

主讲:李媚媚 学科:英语 教材版本:人教课标版 年级&册别:三年级 上册

    有关文具的五个词汇 crayon、 pencil、 pen、 eraser、 ruler的学习,并用英语介绍文具

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播放Unit1 How do you study for a text ?Reading

主讲:余佩青 学科:英语 教材版本:人教课标版 年级&册别:九年级

   1.Ask students to answer the following questions. 1) Can you think of any problems you have had recently? 2) How did you deal with these problems? Check the answers with th....

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播放Unit3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived? SectionA

主讲:操馨 学科:英语 教材版本:人教课标版 年级&册别:八年级 下册

   1. Learn to talk about past events and to tell a story. 2. Learn new language I was standing in front of the library when the UFO landed. While the alien was buying a key r....

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